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ITA Airways Vs Aeroitalia

29/02/2024 | Trade Mark

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Madrid Agreement

16/12/2022 | Trade Mark

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Vespa wins at EUIPO

27/05/2020 | Trade Mark

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11/05/2020 | Trade Mark

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04/03/2020 | Trade Mark

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Gorgonzola takes UK

21/02/2020 | Trade Mark

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Inter Milan Vs Inter Miami

11/02/2020 | Trade Mark

Inter Milan Vs Inter Miami

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31/01/2020 | Trade Mark

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The smile generates hostility between Nirvana and Marc Jacobs

02/12/2019 | Trade Mark

Marc Jacobs, a famous American fashion designer, has long been engaged in a legal dispute with Nirvana

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European Union joins Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement

28/11/2019 | Trade Mark

European Union joins Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement

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Maasai warriors fight for their brand

23/01/2018 | Trade Mark

Mr. Tialolo is educating the Maasai community in Kenya and Tanzania about the value of their brand

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Trademark registered by the LTC in 1998.

05/12/2017 | Trade Mark

The London Taxi Company (LTC) launched in 2006 a lawsuit against Frazer-Nash and Ecotive, companies that are working together to launch an electric taxi called "Metrocab" on the market.

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Ritter Sport and its square chocolate bar

03/11/2017 | Trade Mark

Ritter Sport and its square chocolate bar

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Brunei Darussalam Joins Madrid Protocol

13/01/2017 | Trade Mark

Brunei Darussalam has joined the Madrid Protocol

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08/07/2016 | Trade Mark

McDonald’s was able to obtain the rejection of the trademark application “Maccoffee”..

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Iphone has become a leather industry trademark in China.

23/05/2016 | Trade Mark

The Chinese company Xintong Tiandi - specialized in leather production – has won a lawsuit against Apple in regard of the use of the trademark “Iphone” for.. leather goods.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Group Vs Guangzhou Fuyn

18/01/2016 | Trade Mark

The Chinese court of Guangzhou recently ruled against Guangzhou Fuyin

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Moncler wins lawsuit and China compensates damages for Trademark Infringement

16/12/2015 | Trade Mark

China has always been a hot topic for Fashion-Style companies

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Ford has secured well-known status for its trademark in Russia.

29/10/2015 | Trade Mark

Ford has secured well-known status for its trademark in Russia, despite its application was initially rejected because, according to Rospatent, the company's evidence only cited names and addresses of dealerships and nothing about its operations.

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08/10/2015 | Trade Mark

DC Comics Vs Mark Towle

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A bitter verdict for the king of sweets Haribo

28/09/2015 | Trade Mark

Despite almost 100 years of gummy bears (“Goldbären”) production

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Algeria became part of Madrid Protocol

28/08/2015 | Trade Mark

On July 31, 2015, Algeria deposited with the WIPO its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol.

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CE (China Export)

31/07/2015 | Trade Mark

“The trademark CE (China Export) induce consumers into thinking that certain products follows the European standard”

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25/06/2015 | Trade Mark

The General court denies the appeal of Lego’s competitor Best Lock and confirms the registration of LEGO® figures.

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The ECJ breaks Kit Kat

16/06/2015 | Trade Mark

European Courts of Justice (ECJ) C-215/14

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Louis Vuitton loses battle

22/05/2015 | Trade Mark

Louis Vuitton loses battle over signature chequered pattern as EU ruling cancels two of the brand's registered trademark

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SKYPE cannot be registered as a Community trademark for the risk of confusion with SKY

12/05/2015 | Trade Mark

The European Court has confirmed the OHIM refusal of “Skype” community trademark application.

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Apple watch

29/10/2014 | Trade Mark

The Apple watch is not called iWatch

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Top 100 brands in the world,

13/10/2014 | Trade Mark

In the ranking of the top 100 brands in the world

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Tripp Trapp

23/09/2014 | Trade Mark

Tripp Trapp

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New decision of the ECJ on the complex trademark

10/07/2014 | Trade Mark

The Court of Justice of the European Union ("ECJ"), in its judgment of 8 May 2014, has ruled in Case C-591/12

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Swatch attacks Apple for the protection of its trademark "iSwatch"

13/05/2014 | Trade Mark

Apple now faces a new lawsuit, this time against Swatch...

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ITALY Chapter - World Trademark Yearbook

12/05/2014 | Trade Mark

Article by Sonia Fodale and Chiara Morbidi

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The Court of Justice has addressed the issue of joint exploitation of a trademark

25/10/2013 | Trade Mark

The Court of Justice has addressed the issue of joint exploitation of a trademark by decision of 19 September 2013...

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Apfelkind against Apple: the small business wins

11/10/2013 | Trade Mark

Christina Römer can continue to use its own brand: a red apple with the profile of a child together with the word "Apfelkind", where "Apfel" stands for apple and "Kind" for child...

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01/10/2013 | Trade Mark

On October 1, 2013 the IPO (UK Intellectual Property Office) has introduced the "fast track" opposition procedure to the Trade Mark Tribunal...

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Croatia joins the EU

05/07/2013 | Trade Mark

On 1 July 2013, Croatia joined the European Union...

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Genuine use of a trade mark

31/05/2013 | Trade Mark

In a recent decision (case C-12/12 of 18.4.2013) the Court of Justice has clarified that the requirement of genuine use of a trade mark...

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The Union of the Comoros joins OAPI

24/05/2013 | Trade Mark

On May 25th 2013, the Union of the Comoros becomes a member of OAPI...

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Denied to Bottega Veneta bags the possibility of registration as a three-dimensional trademarks

20/05/2013 | Trade Mark

On 22 March last, the General Court of the European Union ("GC") delivered in Cases T-409/10 and T-410/10, on actions brought by Bottega Veneta International Sarl ("BV")...

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Gucci vs Guess

10/05/2013 | Trade Mark

With a judgement rendered on May 3, 2013 in the lawsuit undertaken by Gucci against Guess, the Court of Milan declared the nullity of some Gucci trademarks...

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India joined Madrid Protocol

12/04/2013 | Trade Mark

India has become a member of the international trademark system...

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Revision of UK trade mark time limits' calculation

12/03/2013 | Trade Mark

The UK IPO is shortly about to issue a Tribunal Practice Notice revising the calculation of certain time limits for UK trade mark matters...

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The Court of Justice’s decision on the exclusive right of the owner of a Community trademark

08/03/2013 | Trade Mark

In its judgment of 21 February 2013, in the proceedings FCI v. FCIPPR (C-561/11), the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ)...

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New Service Charter for the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union

15/02/2013 | Trade Mark

The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union has recently published on its website the latest data related to the Service Charter...

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Enlargement of the European Union to Croatia

15/01/2013 | Trade Mark

On 1st July 2013, the European Union will be further enlarged by accession of Croatia...

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TMview expands

28/12/2012 | Trade Mark

TMview is an handy online trade mark search tool that brings together the searchable data of several European trade mark offices...

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Important Changes in Panamanian Trademark Law

07/11/2012 | Trade Mark

The legislature of the Republic of Panama has recently approved several amendments to the Trademark Law...

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15/10/2012 | Trade Mark

On September 27, 2012, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office issued its first decision in relation to the “new” trademark opposition proceeding...

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World Trademark Yearbook 2012-2013 - Italy

01/08/2012 | Trade Mark

By Sonia Fodale and Davide Taglia

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New Trademark Act 2012 in Grenada

24/07/2012 | Trade Mark

The Government of Grenada has approved the new Trademark Act 2012...

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New ECJ judgment: denied the registrability as a trademark of Lindt bunny

29/06/2012 | Trade Mark

By a new judgement of 24 May 2012, in Case C-98/11 between Lindt and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM)...

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Class Headings - Final Judgement Case C307/10 IP

22/06/2012 | Trade Mark

The Court of Justice has underlined the importance of goods and services for which the protection of trademarks is sought to be sufficiently clear....

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Sentence of the European Union Court concerning the trademark “Beatle”

07/05/2012 | Trade Mark

With the sentence of March 29th,2012, the European Union Court has rejected the appeal with which the Dutch company Handicare Holding BV...

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Giorgio Armani won the case against "AJ - Amici Jeans"

11/04/2012 | Trade Mark

By decision dated 27.3.2012, the Tribunal of first instance of the Court of Justice (second chamber) has cancelled the decision issued by the UAMI's second instance Board of Appeal...

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UK IPO announces new online TM information service

23/03/2012 | Trade Mark

The UK Intellectual Property Office has announced that it will be introducing an online tool...

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"Opposing Trademarks in Italy" by Sonia Fodale

14/02/2012 | Trade Mark


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Trademark registration process simplified in Colombia

13/01/2012 | Trade Mark

These in summary the main changes....

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10th Edition of the NICE Classification now in force at OHIM

04/01/2012 | Trade Mark

The 10th edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services (NICE Classification) came into force on 1 January 2012...

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New decision of the EU General Court on Internet keyword advertising

24/10/2011 | Trade Mark

The EU General Court, issuing a decision in the proceeding No. C-323/09 between Interflora Inc. and Marks & Spencer...

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Denied to Louboutin the exclusive rights for red sole shoes

17/08/2011 | Trade Mark

On 10 August the French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, whose models are appreciated by many famous people...

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European Union: new decision relating on the effectiveness of coercive measures relating to trade marks

10/05/2011 | Trade Mark

By decision of 12 April 2011 (C-235/09), issued in the proceedings between DHL Express France SAS and Chronopost SA...

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UK IPO practice change on partial trade mark refusals

20/04/2011 | Trade Mark

Following the recent UK court case Giorgio Armani SpA v Sunrich Clothing Ltd [2010], the UK Intellectual Property office...

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The CHROMA case: for the purpose of registration the transliterations into Latin characters of Greek words must be treated as words written in Greek characters

28/03/2011 | Trade Mark

By decision of 16 December 2010 (T-281/09), the General Court of the European Union held that the word sign CHROMA, whose registration for products...

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New decision of the General Court of the European Union in terms of burden of proof in opposition proceedings

10/03/2011 | Trade Mark

The EU General Court in its decision of 9 February 2011 (T-222/09), issued in the proceedings between Ineos Healthcare Ltd...

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Ferrari accused by Ford of having copied the name F150

11/02/2011 | Trade Mark

Ford has filed a complaint before the Court of Detroit. The American car manufacturer accuses the manufacturer of Maranello of having copied...

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A general obligation of origin labelling for all foodstuffs

24/01/2011 | Trade Mark

The 2260 bill became law. The measure provides for the obligation to indicate on the label the origin of food at all stages of the supply chain...

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Limits of the registration of a colour shade as a trade mark

30/11/2010 | Trade Mark

With the decision made on September 13, 2010, the European Court of Justice confirmed the limits...

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European Union has given to a Chinese food the title of Protected Geographical Indication

05/11/2010 | Trade Mark

European Union has given for the first time to a Chinese food (pasta Longkou Fen Si) the title of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)....

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First application of legislative decree 231/2001 on trade mark counterfeiting

14/10/2010 | Trade Mark

The Court of Busto Arsizio has applied for the first time on trademark matters the legislative decree 231/2001 on administrative responsibility of companies...

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Deadline for UK trade mark opposition filing

11/10/2010 | Trade Mark

The UK Intellectual Property Office has recently issued a Tribunal Practice Notice clarifying the deadline for UK trade mark opposition filing...

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The European Court of Justice said a final “no” to trade mark registration of the Lego brick

08/10/2010 | Trade Mark

On 14 September 2010 the ECJ ruled on the appeal brought by Lego Juris against the decision of the Court of First Instance rejecting the registration of Lego toy- brick as a three-dimensional trade mark...

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Accession to the Madrid Protocol: KAZAKHSTAN

01/10/2010 | Trade Mark

On September 8, 2010, Kazakhstan has become part of the Madrid Protocol concerning International trademarks...

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Disintegration of the Netherlands Antilles: effects on trademark registrations

16/09/2010 | Trade Mark

On October 10, 2010, the islands of Curacao and Saint Maarten will become autonomous countries within the Kingdom of The Netherlands...

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Hong Kong – The Companies Amendment Bill

03/09/2010 | Trade Mark

The Companies Amendment Bill, introduced on July 7th, 2010, gives new important powers to the Registrar...

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The Madrid Protocol enters into force in the State of Israel

20/07/2010 | Trade Mark

From September 1, 2010 the Madrid Protocol will enter into force in the State of Israel...

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Norway - extension of the opposition period

12/07/2010 | Trade Mark

On July 1, 2010 the new Trademark Act has come into force in Norway...

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India: new amendments to the Trade Marks Rules 2002

02/07/2010 | Trade Mark

In May 2010 the amendments made by the Indian Government to the Trade Marks Rules, 2002 came into force...

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From the 1st July 2010 it will be possible to file oppositions in Austria

24/06/2010 | Trade Mark

A system of opposition will be introduced from the 1st July 2010 by the Austrian trade marks registration office...

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Switzerland refuses registration of “Madonna" trade mark

13/05/2010 | Trade Mark

On April 12, 2010, the Federal Administrative Court (FAC) of Switzerland confirmed the decision of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property...

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Two recent decisions on repackaging of medicinal products

09/03/2010 | Trade Mark

The Court of Milan has recently ruled twice on the issue of re-packaging of medical devices imported into Italy from another EU country...

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03/03/2010 | Trade Mark

Double Italian contribution to the recent victory of Team BMW Oracle Racing to the 33rd America's Cup...

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OHIM: no more paper registration certificates

29/01/2010 | Trade Mark

In the end of December 2009, a decisive step towards reducing the time required for the issuance of certificates has been taken...

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Symbol “®”: pay attention to how you use it!

20/11/2009 | Trade Mark

A recent German decision reanimated the discussion around the validity of the use of the ® symbol...

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McDonald's v. McCurry: after eight years McDonald's loses

25/09/2009 | Trade Mark

The famous fastfood McDonald's has lost the legal battle with Malaysian Chicken Curry for the trademark "McCurry"...

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TRADEMARKS - Gianni Versace won its decade old legal battle against the Israeli company Versace 83 Ltd

04/09/2009 | Trade Mark

The Tel Aviv District Court has recently rejected the arguments of acquiescence, waiver of rights and laches...

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TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHT – The Walt Disney Company acquires Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and shows the weight of intellectual property

01/09/2009 | Trade Mark

With a four billion dollars operation The Walt Disney Company has acquired the 5.000 characters portfolio of Marvel Entertainment...

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MADE IN ITALY - The Parliament gives greater protection to "Made in Italy"

20/08/2009 | Trade Mark

Since August 15th, 2009, the date of entry into force of Law 99/2009, the use of Italian brands on products not manufactured in Italy, without a precise indication of their country of production constitutes the crime....

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TRADEMARKS: up to 3 years of jail if the website infringes a registered trademark

29/07/2009 | Trade Mark

The so-called Development Bill, that is about to become a law, includes some important measures against piracy and counterfeiting...

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EU: the registration of international trademarks designating the EU is now even more convenient

24/07/2009 | Trade Mark

On April 30th, 2009, the European Commission communicated a reduction of individual fee payable...

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14/07/2009 | Trade Mark

From October 1st, 2009, the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has announced a programme of fee reductions for trademark registrations...

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09/07/2009 | Trade Mark

Results of a research study conducted by Istituto Piepoli and Confcommercio in 2008...

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UGANDA adopted the Ninth Edition of the Nice Classification

01/07/2009 | Trade Mark

The adoption of the Ninth Edition of the Nice Classification,...

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EGYPT has become the 79th Contracting Parties of the Madrid Protocol

30/06/2009 | Trade Mark

On June 3, 2009, the Government of Egypt ratified the Madrid Protocol Concerning the International Registration of Marks....

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Fee change for national searches

26/02/2009 | Trade Mark

Following the decision of four national offices to stop taking part in the optional national searches....

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Three-dimensional marks are capable of trademark registration in Dubai

30/01/2009 | Trade Mark

The Dubai Court of Appeal has held that three-dimensional shapes are capable of trademark registration.....

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Sound and other non-conventional marks

23/01/2009 | Trade Mark

The first sound mark has been recently registered in India. Japan may soon follow suit....

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WIPO, newly nominated General Director, in charge as from October 1st, 2008

15/05/2008 | Trade Mark

The Coordination Committee candidated Mr. Francis Gurry, a national of Australia, to become the next Director General of WIPO.

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Israel, Copyright Law is no longer "made in England"

02/05/2008 | Trade Mark

The new Israeli Copyright Law has been enacted from May 2008.

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Brand Top List

29/04/2008 | Trade Mark

The "BrandZ Ranking" of the world's top 100 most powerful brands has just been issued

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Anti-Counterfeiting: an agreement between the High Commissioner and Unimpresa

22/04/2008 | Trade Mark

Anti-Counterfeiting: an agreement between the High Commissioner and Unimpresa to strengthen cooperation.

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Kosovo, new requirements for IP rights

09/04/2008 | Trade Mark

Article 33.2 of the Kosovo Trademark Law has been modified

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International cooperation on trade mark issues

04/04/2008 | Trade Mark

OHIM President, Wubbo de Boer, highlighted the need for facilitating intellectual properties protection worldwide at the International Trademark Association conference

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Protection granted to service trademarks in Dominica

18/03/2008 | Trade Mark

Service Trademark may now be registered in Dominica

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Registration of Service Marks in Bangladesh

13/03/2008 | Trade Mark

The Service Marks Registration System has been introduced by the new Bangladesh Trade Marks Ordinance

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EU Court Decision Protects Italian "Parmigiano"

28/02/2008 | Trade Mark

The European Court of Justice ruled that any name capable to recall "Parmigiano" is banned for cheese trading in Europe

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Neapolitan Pizza

11/02/2008 | Trade Mark

Neapolitan Pizza registered by EU as Guaranteed Traditional Specialty.

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Uruguay -disputes connected to trademarks in class 5

19/12/2007 | Trade Mark

Uruguay - judgment regarding class 5 ( pharmaceuticals) trademark more strict

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Andean Pact

22/11/2007 | Trade Mark

Andean Pact - Bolivia, Colombia, Equador, Peru and Venezuela - distinction made between famous

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Singapore/ marks

16/11/2007 | Trade Mark

Singapore/ marks - national mark registrations

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Volkswagen trademark

12/11/2007 | Trade Mark

Brazil - Volkswagen trademark

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Singapore/ marks

08/11/2007 | Trade Mark

Singapore/ marks - licences may now be registered...

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Garment - graphic, shape inadequate for protection

02/11/2007 | Trade Mark

Judgment by CE Court of Justice dated 20 September 2007 ---- CASE N° C-371/06 (Benetton S.p.A./G-Star Internazional B.V.) "Companies producing and manufactoring apparel have no rights to be protected by brand protection regulations in connection with some specific products, such as specially designed jeans, if they failed to register the mark"

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Changes to UK trade mark examination and opposition procedure

28/09/2007 | Trade Mark

As of 1 October 2007, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) will no longer reject trade mark applications on the basis of likelihood of confusion with an earlier mark.

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Nigeria – Introduction of Service Marks

03/04/2007 | Trade Mark

The Registry in Nigeria is now to start accepting trade marks filed for services.

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