The Streetwear brand "BOY LONDON" declared void because it is contrary to morality

With decision No. 20 461 C, the Cancellation Division of the EUIPO declared the nullity of the "BOY LONDON" trademark, as it is evocative of the Nazi symbolism and therefore contrary to morality pursuant to article 7, paragraph 1, lett. f) EUTMR.
The figurative mark contained a figurative component illustrating an eagle with spread wings with the gaze turned to the right and below the word "Boy" and the term "London" in significantly smaller characters:
The arguments of the counterpart concerned the assumption that the sign was a clear resumption of the so-called "Parteiadler", one of the emblems of the German National Socialist Party:
The Cancellation Division, accepting the applicant's thesis, declared the trademark contrary to morality, as the "message evoked by the sign and perceived by the public recalls the Nazi symbolism", and it is void according to article 7, paragraph 1, lett. f) EUTMR, in conjunction with Article 59 (1), lett. a).

04/08/2020 | Trade Mark