Ferarri looses rights on its 250 GTO

After years of discussions, EUIPO has accepted Ares Design’ bid for cancellation of Ferrari’s 3D trademark related to its worldwide famous car 250 GTO (EUTM No. 006543301). Ares Design has asked cancellation of Ferarri’s trademark due to non use since 1964; whilst Ferarris has stated that, not only the 39 250 GTO’s sold, are still circultaing, but the shape of the car is recognized worldiwide as an example of italian style. Nevertheless, EUIPO has ruled that Ferarri’s trademark must be cancelled for classes 12 (vehicles) and 25 (clothing), whilts class 28 (model cars) remains in force. Ferrari now has the chance to appeal and we are sure the battle is not over yet.

07/21/2020 | Trade Mark