Apple watch

The Apple watch is not called iWatch because of an earlier trademark Why has Apple called its latest project in the wearables market Apple watch and not iWatch? The simplest answer is often the most obvious, the name was already taken. The startup "Probendi" founded by the Italian Daniele Di Salvo markets an app called iWatch used for sending mug shots to police headquarters via smartphones. Di Salvo had filed the corresponding Community trade mark no. 7125347 on August 3, 2008 therefore barring Apple from using the name in the European Union. The owner of the mark said he intends to use the mark in relation to a wearable device that will be called iWatch. The price of this device is expected to be somewhat lower than the Apple watch though. It is not known if Apple has contacted the startup about a possible sale of the trademark. Other than in previous cases, such as with Amazon, who tried (and failed) to prevent the use of the name "App Store" for the application store Apple has decided not to take any action

10/29/2014 | Trade Mark