Google defeats Oracle for Java’s use

07/06/2016 | Internet

An appeal by Oracle will probably follow.

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The Italian Authority seizes 13 websites

27/11/2013 | Internet

Thirteen internet sites that allowed - free of charge - the download of newspapers, magazines and books...

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Google Books wins over the Authors' Guild

22/11/2013 | Internet

After almost a decade of litigation, Google scored a victory last week over the Authors' Guild, which had sued the Company...

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Google in Australia

11/02/2013 | Internet

Australian High Court admitted Google's appeal against the decision of the Federal Court of Australia which had ruled that Google...

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Website owners and use of cookies

04/04/2012 | Internet

In December 2009, European Directive 2009/136/EC (the Directive) entered into force...

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Mediaset does not renew his domain that is bought at an auction by an American citizen

28/03/2012 | Internet

The Cologno Monzese-based company did not renew in time the domain name, and after the grace period has expired,...

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The new Google Privacy rules

02/03/2012 | Internet

The new Google Privacy rules are becoming effective in these days...

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Filters and illegal content

02/12/2011 | Internet

With sentence of November 27th, 2011 the EU Court of Justice has stated that, in relation to a controversy between the Belgium...

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ICANN has accepted the registration of domain names with .xxx extension

24/08/2011 | Internet

ICANN has accepted the registration of domain names with .xxx extension for web sites with contents concerning the adult entertainment industry...

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L'Oreal v eBay: a new decision of the Court of Justice on the liability of Internet Service Providers

18/07/2011 | Internet

The European Court of Justice (ECJ), with a decision of July 12, 2011 in L'Oreal v eBay case (C-324/09)...

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Evicting the squatters

01/07/2011 | Internet

The expansion of available domain names continues apace. New gTLDs and more opportunities to use ccTLDs provide businesseswith extra places to do business online. But with that comes danger,as Claudia Strola explains...

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Conviction for Google for the association between a person's name and the words "scam" and "swindler"

15/04/2011 | Internet

By order of March 24th, 2011, the Court of Milan held that the search engine Google was non-contractually liable...

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New gTLDs .brand for domain names

02/03/2011 | Internet

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the society that manages and regulates domain names...

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EU on GOOGLE: Anti-monopoly probe on its dominant position

13/12/2010 | Internet

Google is facing a preliminary anti-monopoly probe by the European Commission on its dominant position in online browsing and digital advertising...

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Google changes its trademark policy

10/08/2010 | Internet

The rules to protect registered trademarks for advertising on Google are changing: as of September 14th 2010, Google will no more proceed with investigation regarding the use of trademarks as keywords and will only conduct a limited investigation on their use into the ad text......

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Use of third parties’ trade marks as keyword on Google AdWords

30/07/2010 | Internet

On 25 March 2010, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on the use of a third party’s trade mark as a key word within Google Ad Words...

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First case of criminal condemnation of Google for publishing contents on the web

05/03/2010 | Internet

The Court of Milan has recently condemned three executives of Google Italy for the publication of a video, which showed a child suffering...

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Providers are not responsible for illegal downloading of users

10/02/2010 | Internet

A group of film majors in Australia has lost a lawsuit against an Intenet provider accused of allowing users to illegally download films...

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ICANN announced the possibility to register domain names in non-Latin characters

04/11/2009 | Internet

On October 30, 2009, at the Seoul meeting, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved the use of addresses and web domains in non-Latin characters...

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HADOPI 2: Internet disconnections are effective in France

30/10/2009 | Internet

The law for the protection of copyrighted works on the Internet (Hadopi 2) passed the Conseil Constitutionnelle second scrutiny.

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As dot “yu” disappear, dot “eu” grows

08/10/2009 | Internet

Following by far Balcani’s non recent geopolitical changes, the Internet suffix dot “yu”, meaning Yugoslavia...

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TRADEMARKS - Second Life fights against the illegal exploitation of trademarks

18/08/2009 | Internet

With a press release issued August 12th, 2009, the Linden manager for e-commerce has announced that it will be prohibited on sStreetSL, the e-commerce site of Second Life

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COPYRIGHT: held liable for copyright infringement

22/07/2009 | Internet

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) scores another goal against peer to peer filesharing...

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CHINA: new legal platform for IP

17/07/2009 | Internet

A new search platform for laws and regulations related to IP rights protection and enforcement has been recently...

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The Pirate Bay sold

06/07/2009 | Internet

The Pirate Bay, after having been the protagonist of one of the most preeminent filesharing decisions ever handed down in Europe

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.MX reopening of domain name registrations

25/05/2009 | Internet

The Network Information Center Mexico started the opening of domain name registrations directly under .MX from May 1st, 2009.

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Registrations of domain names. ME

16/04/2008 | Internet

Domain extension .ME will be admitted to registration as from May 6, 2008, to special advantage of business development in Montenegro....

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Serbian Registry of Domain Names News

08/01/2008 | Internet

As from January 10, 2008, top level domain .rs suffix will indicate domain names registration in the Republic of Serbia.

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Regional Domain ‘.ASIA’ to Launch

20/09/2007 | Internet

Registration of domain names suffixed ‘.asia’ will be open in few days

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