Giorgio Armani won the case against "AJ - Amici Jeans"

By decision dated 27.3.2012, the Tribunal of first instance of the Court of Justice (second chamber) has cancelled the decision issued by the UAMI's second instance Board of Appeal which had excluded that the trademark "AJ - Armani Jeans" in the name of Giorgio Armani SpA and "AJ - Amici Junior" filed by Annunziata del Prete were confusingly similar. The Tribunal has considered that the trademarks at stake are confusingly similar since the pre-fix AJ included in the sign subject to opposition is placed in a predominant position while the words "Amici" and "Junior" do not have decisive distinctive capacity in the overall configuration. Furthermore, irrespective to the graphic representation of the trademarks, the Tribunal has deemed crucial the overall perception of the sign by the public, in light of the reputation enjoied by the trademarks of Giorgio Armani SpA.

04/11/2012 | Trade Mark