27/02/2020 | Copyright

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Italy ready to transpose Copyright EU Directive

29/11/2019 | Copyright

Italy ready to transpose Copyright EU Directive

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The Pope Claims Copyright

16/09/2019 | Copyright

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EU Copyright reform

10/09/2018 | Copyright

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Yoko Ono Vs John Lemon

12/10/2017 | Copyright

Yoko Ono threats a legal action against Mr. Lemonade Alternative Drinks for the "JOHN LEMON" lemonade.

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01/09/2015 | Copyright


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Facebook photos and intellectual property rights

16/07/2015 | Copyright

Facebook photos and intellectual property rights

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Increase of the duration of copyright protection

29/04/2014 | Copyright

The Legislative Decree of February 21, 2014 n. 22 "Implementation of Directive 2011/77/UE amending Directive 2006/116/EC on the term of protection...

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Nintendo vs. PC BOX

08/02/2014 | Copyright

Nintendo is trying to prevent the use of illegal copies of videogames by installing recognition systems on its consoles and by putting encrypted codes...

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Ministry of Sound sues Spotify for copyright infringement

13/09/2013 | Copyright

The British music label “Ministry of Sound” specializing in the distribution of music compilations sued Spotify, a commercial music streaming service which allows...

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Police operation against the illegal downloading and streaming of movies and music on internet

26/08/2013 | Copyright

Recently the fraud squad of Rome has placed under preventive seizure...

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The Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo

20/08/2013 | Copyright

The Rolling Stones have undertaken a legal action...

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The Court of Justice pronounced on a dispute between Amazon and the Austrian copyright collecting society “Austro-Mechana” about the recording media levy

19/07/2013 | Copyright

In Austria, the "fair compensation" foreseen by the EU Law, which is due by whoever uses in any way an intellectual property work or a reproduction thereof...

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New approach to the protection of Copyright in China

01/02/2013 | Copyright

China has moved a step forward in the protection of intellectual property rights, namely copyright, as recently resulted from a legal claim...

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Halt on sales of Galaxy 10.1 tablet

28/06/2012 | Copyright

California district judge Lucy Koh has ordered Samsung to halt sales of its Galaxy 10.1 tablet computer in the US...

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Protection of software reproduction

09/03/2012 | Copyright

The Italian Supreme Court issued an important decision concerning the illegal reproduction of a software and its creativity...

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Protection of industrial design products: grace period extended from 5 years to 13

17/02/2012 | Copyright

The grace period to protect the products of industrial design has been increased from 5 years to 13 (until 2014). Article 239 of the Industrial Property Code (Legislative Decree no. August 13, 2010 no. 131) on the protection of copyright granted to industrial design, was indeed modified...

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Wikipedia's blackout to protest against two anti-piracy legislative proposals under consideration at the US Congress

19/01/2012 | Copyright

On 18.1.2012 Wikipedia (together with some minor web-sites) has carried out a 24-hour black-out to express its firm protest against the adoption of anti-piracy...

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New rules on the term of protection of music recordings

16/09/2011 | Copyright

The EU Council has adopted on 12 September 2011 a directive extending within the EU the term of protection...

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Star Wars: UK copyright scope defined

02/08/2011 | Copyright

The UK Supreme Court has confirmed in Lucasfilm Ltd v Ainsworth that the Imperial Stormtrooper helmets and other moulded props for the Star Wars films are not “sculptures”, hence are not covered under copyright as artistic works...

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The Court of Justice ruled once again on fair compensation for private copying

06/07/2011 | Copyright

The Court of Justice of the European Union, by decision of 16 June 2011...

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New decision of the European Court of Justice on computer programs

31/01/2011 | Copyright

The European Court of Justice ruled on copyright on computer programs...

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The AGCOM's new text on the protection of copyright

14/01/2011 | Copyright

Agcom (the Communications Authority) has launched a public consultation on a package of initiatives relating to the exercise of powers...

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Germany: a duty for the Christmas carols

05/01/2011 | Copyright

In Germany, GEMA, the German society for copyright, asked the public and private kindergardens to pay a fee to photocopy the lyrics...

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Copyright and links to news published by thirds

03/12/2010 | Copyright

Newspaper Licensing Agency (an association of English publishers) won a law suit against Meltwater News and Public Relations Consultant Association...

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Music broadcasting in professional private offices

19/11/2010 | Copyright

With sentence dated October 18, 2010 No. 10901/ 2010, the Court of Milan (specialized section for the intellectual property), granting the recourse filed...

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The nautical world and its image

04/11/2010 | Copyright

The Italian Supreme Court has recognized, in Judgement No. 18218 of 11/08/2009, the existence of a right to economic exploitation of the image of a corporate asset for a legal person, even if this is not generally considered to be among the traditionally recognized distinctive signs....

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Licence agreement between SIAE and You Tube

17/08/2010 | Copyright

SIAE and You Tube declare that they have executed a licence agreeement which covers the use in Italy , in streaming, of music and audiovisual works belonging to SIAE...

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The debate on e-books

04/08/2010 | Copyright

The decision by Mr. Andrew Wylie, the world's most powerful literary agent, to bypass traditional publishing houses by founding a digital publishing house...

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29/06/2010 | Copyright

By order of 30 April 2009 (case Flos SpA vs. Semeraro Home & Family SpA), the Court of Milan had referred to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)...

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Vulgarisation of the word “oscar”

16/06/2010 | Copyright

The Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, that runs the prestigious film award, sparked a fight in several Countries...

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An authorization from the broadcaster is necessary for transmitting football matches in pubs with TV cards for private use

10/06/2010 | Copyright

The Third Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, with judgement No. 20142/2010, confirmed the challenged decision...

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The Karaoke TV is a separate copyright

17/05/2010 | Copyright

The First Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court (Case No.11300/2010) recently decided that karaoke that plays music and text without permission violates copyright...

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Copyright protection of images on the Internet: photographers bring an action against Google

14/04/2010 | Copyright

In the United States photographers and illustrators brought an action against Google in order to protect their copyrights....

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Dental surgeries and the payment of rights related to discography

12/04/2010 | Copyright

In the framework of a case pending between SCF Phonographic Association and a dentist, the Court of Appeals of Turin has recently referred...

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Pink Floyd win against EMI

24/03/2010 | Copyright

Pink Floyd won the lawsuit against the record label EMI...

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The victory of the Arco Lamp

26/02/2010 | Copyright

Flos S.p.A., the owner of the Arco lamp designed by Castiglioni brothers in 1962, succeeded before the District Court of Florence...

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S.I.A.E. equitable remuneration for all supports having a memory

11/02/2010 | Copyright

The so called “S.I.A.E. equitable remuneration” will strike also mobile phones, decoder devices, PC, MP3 players, USB flash drives...

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No crime if the pirate software is used by professional firms

25/01/2010 | Copyright

In a recent ruling (No. 49385 of December 22, 2009), the Italian Corte di Cassazione decided on the use of programs...

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The Service Provider has a surveillance duty if it offers a hosting service

23/12/2009 | Copyright

So decided the Court of Rome, ordering to YouTube and Google Video to remove the entire collection of videos on the 10th edition of “The Big Brother”...

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EMI vs. Vimeo: a question of lip dubbing

21/12/2009 | Copyright

EMI recently filed a legal action against the online video sharing platform Vimeo for the copyright infringement for allowing its users to upload videos....

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Technological protection measures prevail on the right of private copying

30/09/2009 | Copyright

In a recent decision, the Milan Court ruled on the coexistence, on one side, of the protection of works of authorship carried out by technological protection measures...

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COPYRIGHT: France tries again with the anti-piracy law (HADOPI 2)

21/09/2009 | Copyright

With 285 favorable votes the French National Assembly approved the new text of the law in favor of the dissemination and protection of intellectual works on the Internet......

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COPYRIGHT - Google obtains the copyright protection for its famous homepage

08/09/2009 | Copyright

After 5 and a half years of controversy, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has granted protection to the layout of the homepage...

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