Brand Finance Report: Ferrari in pole position for the second year

Brand Finance published the report on the 500 most influential brands in the world during Davos Economic Forum.
The Ferrari brand for the second year ranks first among the brands with the greatest economic value (an increase of 9%, thus reaching a value of 9.1 billion dollars).
In second place we find Disney which, thanks to the acquisition of the 21st Century Fox, has become a leader in the media sector.
The third in the ranking is WeChat. With more than a billion users, the app is the main means of communication in China and the main international payment method between China and more than 60 partner countries.
Brand Finance calculates the brand value by estimating the net benefit that the brand owner would obtain by licensing the brand on the open market, while measuring the strength of the brand based on its effectiveness compared to its competitors.

01/23/2020 | Trade Mark