Getting the Deal Through - Copyright 2010 - Italy

13/08/2010 | Rapisardi

What is the relevant legislation? The main Italian copyright regulations are set out in Law No. 633 of 22 April 1941 and articles 2575-2583 of the Civil Code. Other regulations are those set out in the international copyright conventions to which Italy is party...

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Superyacht Design Q3 - Imitation: sincere flattery or daylight robbery?

02/08/2010 | Rapisardi

The third event in the SuperyachtDesign Summit series last March invited designer Tim Heywood and Mariacristina Rapisardi...

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World IP Review - ADR & DN Surveillance: Defence Strategies

14/05/2010 | Rapisardi

The recent exponential growth in the number of registered domain names poses problems for trademark owners worldwide, says Alessandra Ferreri....

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IP in Business Transaction 2010/11 - New counterfeiting regulations in Italy

26/04/2010 | Rapisardi

Law No. 99 of 23 July 2009 (Law 99) added several new elements to Italian IP law, in particular regarding criminal sanctions...

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IAM - Patents in Europe 2010/2011 - Italy

01/03/2010 | Rapisardi

What are the most effective ways for a European patent holder whose rights cover your jurisdiction to enforce its rights in your jurisdiction?...

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Italy - The law and how it affects designers

09/02/2010 | Rapisardi

Italy has long been known for iconic designs and quality craftsmanship: the Arco lamp, the FIat 500, the Vespa, Bialetti coffee pots, Alessi kitchenware, to name just a few...

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IP Value 2010 - Italy - A year in intellectual property and a look to the future

03/02/2010 | Rapisardi

In recent years some key changes have been made to the Italian IP Legislations, including....

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Tackling counterfeit goods at EU level and in Italy

01/09/2008 | Rapisardi

Counterfeiting is a widespread practice that can have serious implications for companies trying to protect their IPRs, and the EU has developed radical legislation to tackle it.

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Intellectual Property in Italy

09/06/2008 | Rapisardi

Since Rapisardi opened a branch in London, I have noticed more then ever that, even though IP law in Italy has undergone several changes and improvements over the last few years, it is still considered tricky to start an IP lawsuit.

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The new Rapisardi web site in on line

02/04/2007 | Rapisardi

Rapisardi Intellectual Property announces the publication of the new web site of the Group, www.rapisardi.com

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New Rapisardi's e-mail addresses

30/03/2007 | Rapisardi

Rapisardi introduces new e-mail addresses for its departments

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