European Union has given to a Chinese food the title of Protected Geographical Indication

European Union has given for the first time to a Chinese food (pasta Longkou Fen Si) the title of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), for which there has to be a link between the product and the geographical area from which it comes. In particular, the notoriety of the product has to be associated at least to one of the three operational stages (production, processing and manufacturing to obtain the finished product). Moreover, other Chinese products are waiting for obtaining the title of Protected Denomination of Origin (POD), for which the relationship between the product and the territory has to be stricter and exclusive. All the operation stages for obtaining the product have to be focused on the same geographical area. This opening of the EU in issuing the titles of IGP to third countries, on one hand, will delete some obstacles concerning free competition; on the other hand, will raise some questions about the reciprocity in relationship with third countries.

11/05/2010 | Trade Mark