MADE IN ITALY - The Parliament gives greater protection to "Made in Italy"

Since August 15th, 2009, the date of entry into force of Law 99/2009, the use of Italian brands on products not manufactured in Italy, without a precise indication of their country of production constitutes the crime of Article. 517 (sale of industrial goods with false marks). It is a particularly important innovation as it strengthen the protection of "Made in Italy", but may give momentary difficulties to companies that have made of outsourcing the heart of their production chain. Some doubts were raised, however, about Law 99/2009 compliance to the Community Law and in particular to the principle of freedom of movement of goods, and also to the duty to report national technical regulations to the European Commission. In any case, the innovation aims to protect consumers and Italian businesses, that produce inside the Italian territory, by introducing a set of rules to better select products "Made in Italy". In the United States a similar rule has been into force since 1930.

08/20/2009 | Trade Mark