Adidas loses the "three stripes" trademark

The Adidas trademark, the three parallel stripes in any direction, "is void": for the European Union Court Adidas has not, in fact, proven to have "acquired a distinctive character throughout the Union territory as a result of the use that has been done ". A sentence published on Tuesday 18 June confirmed the invalidity of the mark thus concluding a story that began in 2014 when the Belgian Shoe Branding Europe applied for a declaration of invalidity on the assumption that the mark was devoid of any distinctive and intrinsic character acquired following the use. The cancellation is now confirmed by the EU Court, which rejected the Adidas appeal, concluding that the forms in use depart from the essential characteristics of the brand, such as its color scheme (black stripes on a white background), cannot be taken into consideration. Adidas still has the opportunity to appeal to the European Court of Justice, but the court's decision is certainly a big obstacle to overcome.

06/24/2019 | Trade Mark