Ferrari accused by Ford of having copied the name F150

Ford has filed a complaint before the Court of Detroit. The American car manufacturer accuses the manufacturer of Maranello of having copied the name of his successful pick-up, the F-150, to name his last Formula 1, the F150 precisely. In particular, Ford claims the "violation of trademarks, false names and Internet piracy" and asked the judge to inhibit the manufacturer of Maranello from using the name F150 in addition to damages. The Ferrari, with a letter in response to Ford, responded stating that the sign F150 (used as an abbreviation of the full name Ferrari F150th Italy) is not and never will be the name of a commercial product and that there will be no series production of this car. The manufacturer of Maranello also affirmed that the name in dispute has been chosen as the car is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. For all these reasons, Ferrari does not believe that it would be possible to mistake its racing cars with any commercial vehicle or that there is a link to another brand of road vehicles. In any case Ferrari has decided to eliminate the abbreviation F150 and to use only the full name Ferrari F150th Italy.

02/11/2011 | Trade Mark