The Netflix serie "The last dance" recalled the relationship between Michael Jordan and Nike.
Nike has been a financial and commercial supporter of Michael Jordan since 1984, when the champion signed a contract of 2.5 million dollars in 5 years.
The partnership between the two led Nike to design a shoe dedicated to him, the Air Jordan 1 and estimated to collect at least 3 million dollars in 4 years from the sale of the shoes. They earned 70 million dollars in three months, 126 in a year. Jordan has been estimated to have earned more than $ 1 billion from Nike since 1984 and the Air Jordan brand generates more than $ 4 billion in revenue per year.
Last March, the decision of the Supreme People's Court pronounced in favor of Michael Jordan, recognizing the previous rights in the name "Qiaodan" (the Chinese translation of Jordan) in Chinese characters.
The story began in April 2007, when Qiaodan Sports filed an application for the trademark "Qiaodan”. The application, at the beginning granted, was the subject of a request of nullity by Michael Jordan, which has been initially rejected.

05/11/2020 | Trade Mark