CE (China Export)

“The trademark CE (China Export) induce consumers into thinking that certain products follows the European standard” This is what the criminal court declared with the verdict n. 263 on the 30th of January, 2015. It was established that the trademark “China Export” doesn’t have enough of a distinctive characteristic to be distinguished from the European conformity marking “C E”. As a matter of fact the trademark CE (China Export) “differs from the European one for the subtle, different distance between the two letters”, having however a similar shape. This small difference appears to be not good enough for the court, which has deemed as deceptive and misleading the use of the trademark China Export. Therefore it was defined as criminal offense the fraudulent use of counterfeit trademarks that certify the compliance to European regulation. As a result of this decision, a Chinese business owner has been sentenced to jail (for two month) and to pay a fine on the grounds of fraudulent sale of goods sporting the CE mark.

07/31/2015 | Trade Mark