Ten day rule

08/05/2023 | Patent

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Unified Patent Court

11/09/2020 | Patent

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Chinese Patent Office

02/03/2020 | Patent

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EPO (European Patent Office) presented the 2017 report

12/03/2018 | Patent

Italy is in first place for the increase of requests

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14 pharmaceutical patents will soon lapse

20/10/2017 | Patent

By the end of 2017, 14 pharmaceutical (i.e. Cialis, main Viagra's competiror) patents will soon lapse

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Italy patents

09/03/2017 | Patent

Italy results at 10° position with more than 4,000 patent applications

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Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

22/12/2015 | Patent

US trademark office

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European Commission formalises Italy’s accession to the unitary patent

22/10/2015 | Patent

The participation of Italy in enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection authorised by Decision 2011/167/EU is confirmed

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World Intellectual Property Indicators

24/09/2015 | Patent

WIPO published the "World Intellectual Property Indicators"

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22/09/2015 | Patent

Italy has at last officially announced its participation to the reinforced cooperation on the European Patent with unitary effect

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How space agency NASA finances its programs: selling patents experimented in space for commercial application.

03/07/2015 | Patent

How space agency NASA finances its programs: selling patents experimented in space for commercial application.

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Human ovule not fertilized

18/12/2014 | Patent

The EU Court of Justice ruled that a manipulated human ovule not fertilized can be patented for industrial purposes

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Observations filed by a third party

24/09/2014 | Patent

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office explained that...

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International Stem Cell Corporation (ISC)

15/09/2014 | Patent

International Stem Cell Corporation (ISC)

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Unified Patent Court: updates

06/06/2014 | Patent

The number of countries that have ratified the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court rises to 4...

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The US Supreme Court has to decide whether software can be patented

25/04/2014 | Patent

The US Supreme Court delved last month into the hotly contested question of whether softwares are eligible for patent protection...

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Unified Patent Court: France has ratified the agreement

04/04/2014 | Patent

On 14th March 2014, France has ratified the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court and the European Commission has updated...

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Apple vs Samsung: round 2 up to beginn

28/02/2014 | Patent

The deadline of February 19 for Apple and Samsung to mediate their patent dispute has passed without agreement...

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EP in Moldova

24/01/2014 | Patent

The European Patent Office and the State Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova...

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DNA and patent

28/06/2013 | Patent

The Supreme Court of the United States, with a decision dated June 13, 2013 on the case "Myriad"...

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Saudi Arabia joined PCT

10/06/2013 | Patent

On 3 May 2013 Saudi Arabia joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty...

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Rejected the appeal filed by Italy and Spain

03/05/2013 | Patent

The European Court of Justice has rejected with the sentence filed on April 16th, 2013 in the cases C 274/11 and C 295/11 the appeal...

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UK Patent Box Implemented

16/04/2013 | Patent

As of 1 April 2013, the UK now offers a significant opportunity for UK companies and UK subsidiaries of foreign companies to reduce...

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The U.S. patent system has changed

21/03/2013 | Patent

On March 16, 2013 the provisions of the America Invents Act (AIA) have gone into effect pusuant to which...

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Agreement on the Unified Patent Court is signed

21/02/2013 | Patent

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement has been signed by participating member States on 19 February 2013...

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Common European Union patent system

14/12/2012 | Patent

On 11 December 2012, The European Parliament has approved, by means of the enhanced cooperation procedure...

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UK offers small claims track for low-value IP litigation

20/09/2012 | Patent

Further to our newsflash of 15/11/12, we can now report that the UK government has approved the expected introduction of the small claims track at the Patents County Court...

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New regional funds for SMEs

18/09/2012 | Patent

New funds are now available for micro, small and medium enterprises in Lombardy, granted by Lombardy Region...

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Consultation on the Reform of the UK Designs Legal Framework

07/09/2012 | Patent

The UK government is currently consulting relevant bodies, including the UK Intellectual Property Office, for views on their proposals for potential improvement of the legal framework...

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EPO allows oral proceedings via video conference

07/06/2012 | Patent

The European Patent Office now allows oral proceedings during the examination procedure of a European patent to take place via video conference...

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27/12/2011 | Patent

China has won the title of "top patent filers 2011", overcoming both the U.S. and Japan in the filing of patents...

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Court of Justice of the European Union: new ruling regarding patents and stem cells

21/11/2011 | Patent

With its decision of 18 October 2011, the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in the case of Oliver Brüstle v. Greenpeace

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28/10/2011 | Patent

Great protest in Munich before the EPO by environmental associations, committees and farmers, for the cancellation of the oral proceedings...

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Patents in Europe 2011/2012 - Italy

20/09/2011 | Patent

By Rossella Solveni and Giuseppe Mercurio, Rapisardi Intellectual Property, Milan

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Time periods under UK patents rules corrected

07/09/2011 | Patent

The UK Patents Rules 2007 will be corrected as of 1 October 2011 to specify that time periods should be calculated by starting one day after the defining date...

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Agreement reached between Apple and Nokia

15/06/2011 | Patent

Apple and Nokia have signed a patent license agreement...

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Patent application examination also in Italy

28/02/2011 | Patent

Italian patent applications will also be subject to examination from now on...

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New European legislation on pharmacovigilance

23/02/2011 | Patent

On July 21, 2011 the new European legislation on pharmacovigilance will come into force...

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Hungary joined the London Agreement

10/11/2010 | Patent

Hungary joined the London Agreement...

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Patent rights pass from researchers to Universities

03/05/2010 | Patent

One of the novelties provided by the Legislative Decree which amends the Italian Industrial Property Code (IPC)...

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25/02/2010 | Patent

One patent for the whole Europe, able to provide a 360° protection in all countries of the Old Continent...

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Montenegro is the 38th Member State of the European Patent Convention

10/12/2009 | Patent

On November 14, the Montenegro 's law of ratification of the European Patent Convention came into force...

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IP Standards and Patents: Nokia’s patents against Apple's iPhone

26/10/2009 | Patent

With a press release of November 22, 2009 Nokia has confirmed the filing of a lawsuit against Apple...

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New incentives and greater cooperation with banks are coming before the end of the year

14/10/2009 | Patent

The Italian government is boosting intellectual property protection and financing innovation in two ways...

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Thailand joins the Patent Cooperation Treaty

09/10/2009 | Patent

After Chile and Peru, Thailand also became a contracting state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the 142nd ...

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Financing innovation: 55 million Euros for "Start Up" proclamation for new technology R&D

31/07/2009 | Patent

The Italian Ministry for Economic Development has assigned 55 million Euros for development plans proposed by start-up...

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New Practice of Design Patent Applications in China Under Revised Patent Law

03/07/2009 | Patent

On December 27, 2008, the National People's Congress, approved the third Amendment to China's Patent Law...

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Chile and Peru Accedes to WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

19/06/2009 | Patent

Chile and Peru became the 140th and 141st contracting states of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) when it deposited its instrument of accession at WIPO on March 6, 2009.....

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San Marino to join EPO

08/06/2009 | Patent

The government of the Republic of San Marino....

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European patent application no EP 2 000 000

30/12/2008 | Patent

The European Patent Office (EPO) has reached a milestone on December 10th 2008 by publishing its two millionth patent application....

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New procedure for Italian patent applications / prior art search and examination procedure

02/07/2008 | Patent

With law decree 27/6/2008 on G.U. n. 153 entered into force on 2/7/2008 Italian patent applications filed as first filing from July 1° 2008 will be subjected to prior art search.

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African Intellectual Property Organization accessed to the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement

01/07/2008 | Patent

On June 16, 2008 the African Intellectual Property Organization (known by its French acronym OAPI - Organisation africaine de la propriété intellectuelle) accessed to the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

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Novelty search kick-off since 1st July 2008 for Italian Patent applications

01/07/2008 | Patent

Italy has introduced novelty searches for all national patent applications

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China, stepping forward IP law harmonization.

15/04/2008 | Patent

Policy recommendations aiming to comprehensive IP ruling were newly approved by China's State Council on April 9, 2008.

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US, Improving Patent Applications Quality

08/04/2008 | Patent

Key aspects of the Patent Reform Act

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Search Report Newly Established for Italian National Patent Applications

18/01/2008 | Patent

As concerns the filing of National Patent Applications some new regulations are bound to be introduced in Italy allowing applications filed in Italy to acquire a strengthened importance....

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Switzerland, parallel import banned by latest patent regulation

07/01/2008 | Patent

New Swiss Patent Law Guarantees National Patent Rights Protection Until Expiration.

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IP Tax increase in Serbia.

28/12/2007 | Patent

Government of Serbia proposed to Serbian Parliament sharp increase of Administrative Fees.

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New EPO membership

20/12/2007 | Patent

Croatia acquires full EPO membership status.

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Search Report Newly Established for Italian National Patent Applications

18/01/2008 | Patent

As concerns the filing of National Patent Applications some new regulations are bound to be introduced in Italy allowing applications filed in Italy to acquire a strengthened importance.

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China, Patent Law Under Revision

13/12/2007 | Patent

Draft Requires First Filing From Foreigners Too.

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EPC 2000, Italy ratification on time

11/12/2007 | Patent

European Patent Convention (EPC) 2000, Italy deposited its instrument of ratification in Germany within the deadline

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South Korea - Patent application and extension survey

06/12/2007 | Patent

Patent application and extension survey 2007 first half data assessing number of applications and extentions of patents in South Korea report a 23.4% increase

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Patent applicants no longer need to disclose search results to Australian Patent Office

27/11/2007 | Patent

Patent applicants no longer need to disclose search results to Australian Patent Office. As from 22 October 2007

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Revision of the Guidelines for Examination in the EPC, Italy Ratification

23/11/2007 | Patent

Montecitorio Chamber finally passed the bill of consent and execution

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Prior art search

20/11/2007 | Patent

Patent - Contacts between EPO and UIBM are going on to find an agreement on prior art search for national patent applications.

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London Agreement on European Patent translations expected to enter into force 2008

28/09/2007 | Patent

The London Agreement has taken one step closer to coming into force. The French government recently adopted a bill that now makes it possible for the French Parliament to ratify the Agreement and a positive vote is expected in November 2007.

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Latest changes in the Italian Code of Industrial Property

20/04/2007 | Patent

On 10 February 2007 a substantial change occurred in the (even recent) Italian Code of Industrial Property concerning the applicability of copyright to designs and models, with the modification of Articles 44 and 239.

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Reintroduction of official fees for patents, utility models and designs - 2

12/04/2007 | Patent

Publication of the decree dated 2 April 2007 related to the amount of fees for patents of invention and designs.

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Re-introduction of annuities on patents, utility models and designs in Italy

30/03/2007 | Patent

The Italian Government has recently re-introduced the annuities on national applications for patents concerning industrial inventions, utility models, designs, as well as fees concerning renewal and keeping in force of established rights (Legge Finanziaria - Italian Finance Act of 2007 nr. 296/06 - art. 1, paragraph 851).

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