Ferrari SF90

18/03/2021 | Counterfeiting

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Fight against counterfeiting: Amazon introduces the Transparency code

15/07/2019 | Counterfeiting

Fight against counterfeiting: Amazon introduces the Transparency code

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Parmigiano vs Parmesan

29/01/2018 | Counterfeiting

The EU Commission has given the green light to the possibility of registering trademarks in the name of Parmesan in Japan

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Don’t mess with Wine in Italy.

11/02/2016 | Counterfeiting

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29/09/2014 | Counterfeiting

Anti-Counterfeiting Information System

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09/09/2014 | Counterfeiting


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Fight against counterfeit - trainings for the customs officials to recognize fake products

31/07/2014 | Counterfeiting

Fight against counterfeit - trainings for the customs officials to recognize fake products

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Counterfeiting in Italy

28/03/2014 | Counterfeiting

According to recent studies of Confindustria, counterfeiting costs about 18 billions a year and subtracts to the Italian Revenue Office about five billions....

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Infringement on the major e-commerce platforms

14/02/2014 | Counterfeiting

A recent study, conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development, in collaboration with Assocalzaturificio and Anfao, that examined 700 thousand documents

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New banknote of 10 Euros

10/01/2014 | Counterfeiting

The European Central Bank has today issued a new banknote...

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Ferragamo wins against counterfeiting

23/12/2013 | Counterfeiting

Salvatore Ferragamo Group scored an important victory in the battle against counterfeiting.

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16 websites closed

15/11/2013 | Counterfeiting

Sixteen websites, selling more than 400 thousand counterfeit designer clothes and apparel items, as well as accessories by well-known domestic and foreign brands,

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Gucci trade mark counterfeiting

29/10/2013 | Counterfeiting

The US District Court for the Southern District of Florida has recently awarded Gucci America, Inc...

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Seizure of Italian cheeses protected by Indication of Origin

17/10/2013 | Counterfeiting

During the ANUGA world fair of food...

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New regulation on Customs enforcement of IP rights

17/07/2013 | Counterfeiting

On June 12, 2013 the EU Regulation No. 608/2013 concerning Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights has been approved...

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Invasion of Chinese Vespas during Milan moto fair

22/11/2012 | Counterfeiting

Authorities have recently seized 6 vespas and have shut down 5 stands during the cycle and motorcycle exhibition...

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A national plan for strengthening the counterfeiting fight

21/11/2012 | Counterfeiting

The Anticounterfeiting National Council (CNAC), that has its seat at the Ministry of the Economic Development, has introduced on November 19th...

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Denied the protection under art. 473 c.p. for not-registered trademarks

24/08/2012 | Counterfeiting

In judgment no. 25273 of 12 April-26 June 2012, the Supreme Criminal Court has denied the criminal protection pursuant to Art. 473 of the Criminal Code...

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ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)

28/02/2012 | Counterfeiting

The European Commission referred to the European Court of Justice asking for an opinion on the compliance of the agreement...

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"Anti-counterfeiting in the EU: theory and practice" by Catharina Waller

02/05/2011 | Counterfeiting

As part of the creation of a single market, the EU has introduced an EU-wide framework for preventing the importation and export of counterfeit goods....

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The French Court reduced the fine for eBay

08/09/2010 | counterfeiting

The Court of Appeal in Paris significantly reduced, from €38.5 millions to €5.7 millions, the fine that eBay will have to pay to LVMH...

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Introduction of a new anti-counterfeiting website

27/07/2010 | counterfeiting

As of 21 July 2010 a new website ( of the Anti – Counterfeiting Direction of the Italian Trademark and Patent Office has been activated...

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A traffic of false Panini picture-cards has been foiled

02/04/2010 | counterfeiting

The provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Latina foiled a traffic of false Panini picture-cards from the collection "2009-10 football players"...

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19/02/2010 | Counterfeiting

Nearly 46 millions of fake goods seized. This is the first result of four months of applying the new standard for the protection of the Made in Italy...

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Filing an application for registration is sufficient to trigger trademark’s criminal protection

18/02/2010 | Counterfeiting

A recent decision concerning false Rubik's Cubes (Cass. Pen. 20 November, 2009, no. 4217) stated that filing an application...

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An anti-counterfeiting task force in Milan

11/01/2010 | Counterfeiting

"The goal is always to raise public awareness on the need to fight a phenomenon that, over the last ten years, has increased by 1600%...

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Over 14.000 Gillette razors seized in Venice

17/12/2009 | Counterfeiting

With a blitz carried out close to the "Marco Polo" Airport in Venice, on December 12 , 2009, the Italian Guardia di Finanza has discovered...

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New rules for the label "Made in Italy" for clothing

14/12/2009 | Counterfeiting

The Italian House of Representative passed, with 543 yes and one no, a bill whose purpose is to introduce a new regulation for the textile, footwear...

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Confiscations in Rome, found 65,000 fake football team T-shirts

26/11/2009 | Counterfeiting

Over 65.000 counterfeited T-shirts of football teams were seized by officers of the Railway Police of Lazio at the end of an operation...

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International Anti-counterfeiting Treaty and European reactions

11/11/2009 | Counterfeiting

After the consecration of the Sarkozy doctrine concerning Internet disconnections in France and in the light of the rumours about the ACTA...

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