The debate on e-books

The decision by Mr. Andrew Wylie, the world's most powerful literary agent, to bypass traditional publishing houses by founding a digital publishing house (Odyssey Editions) and reaching an agreement with Amazon for e-books, has led to a worldwide strong debate. On the one side there are the authors and their agents who, due to the publishers' limited costs of production of e-books, would like to increase the authors' rights on sales up to 50%; on the other side there are the publishers who would like online copyright to be paid as for the printed versions. In this scenario there are also others, as Mr. Ryu Murukami, the author of "Tokio Decadence", who has announced that his new book will be sold directly as a digital version through Apple Inc’s iPad, hence bypassing his publishing house. For each book sold, Apple receives 30% of the price; the remaining 70% for the author represents an unquestionable advantage over the traditional 10-15% usually paid by publishers.

08/04/2010 | Copyright