Bruce Lee Enterprises accused Kungfu Catering Management of using the image of the actor of the same name for 15 years without paying intellectual property rights.

Shannon Lee daughter of the actor Bruce Lee and owner of Bruce Lee Enterprises has asked the fast food chain Kungfu Catering Management to immediately stop using her father's image, to clarify within 90 days that they have nothing to do with Bruce Lee and to pay $ 30 million in compensation.
The restaurant chain is also known as Real Kung Fu was founded in Guangzhou in 1990 and has over 600 stores across the country, with a total asset value of around $ 715 million. Since 2004, the logo shows the image of a dark-haired man in a kung fu pose that looks like Bruce Lee. In a statement the chain said: “We are amazed that after many years we are being challenged with all this. We are actively studying the case and preparing to respond. "

01/16/2020 | Copyright