S.I.A.E. equitable remuneration for all supports having a memory

The so called “S.I.A.E. equitable remuneration” will strike also mobile phones, decoder devices, PC, MP3 players, USB flash drives, internal memory of hard disk drives and external memories. Up to now this type of tax (that manufacturers of technological goods have to pay to S.I.A.E. as remuneration for private copies) only concerned supports (CD and DVD) and burners. But recently the Italian Minister of Culture updated and extended it to all supports having a memory by means of a new decree (decree dated 30 December 2009). This initiative has represented a good shot for S.I.A.E., but it has been contested by Confindustria Anie for which the new decree will have the effect to bound innovation’s development in the future.

02/11/2010 | Copyright