COPYRIGHT: France tries again with the anti-piracy law (HADOPI 2)

With 285 favorable votes the French National Assembly approved the new text of the law in favor of the dissemination and protection of intellectual works on the Internet. The HADOPI 2 appears to overcome the objection of unconstitutionality made on 10 June, ruling that only a Court will be competent for deciding the trial on the infringement of the exclusive right of the author and the imposition of the administrative sanction of the suspension of the Internet connection. The previous attempt (HADOPI 1) was rejected by the Constitutional Court as it gave to the 'Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Œuvres et la Protection des Droits sur Internet" (a new authority for the protection of the copyright on the Internet) the widest discretion on the suspension of the connection to the Internet. In the words of the French Supreme Court: "Internet est une Composante de la liberté d'expression et de consommation, et qu '" en droit français c'est la présomption of innocence here first, "" c'est à la justice de prononcer une sanction lorsqu'il est établi qu'il ya des téléchargements illégaux. We are now waiting for the outcome of the Senate votation.

09/21/2009 | Copyright