Led Zeppelin accused of plagiarism in the riff of Stairway to Heaven

In 2016, they were accused and then cleared of having plagiarized the initial arpeggio of "Taurus" of the Spirit; for the jury the notes were not inherently similar. According to three judges of the Court of Appeals of San Francisco, the Led Zeppelin trial will have to be redone for irregularities, as in 2016 it was not possible to listen to the original track of the Taurus in courtroom the but only the live version. In addition, the three judges who asked for the new trial claimed that in 2016 trial the judge wrongly told the jury that the copyright does not cover the chromatic scales, the arpeggios and the sequences of three notes thus compromising the final judgment. In truth, a combination of these elements should be considered an original creation protected by copyright.

10/08/2018 | Copyright