Germany: a duty for the Christmas carols

In Germany, GEMA, the German society for copyright, asked the public and private kindergardens to pay a fee to photocopy the lyrics of the songs used during teaching. Following this request, the Association of Kindergardens has recommended to its members not to pay this duty. Also politics has taken a stand: in fact the Parliamentary committee for the family has asked to GEMA to grant the rights for free to the kindergardens as "the singing is part of basic education" and because "Christmas songs are good common". GEMA defended itself by claiming that the photocopies are made especially for parents who want to sing together with their children. The debate will soon be resolved by an agreement on the payment of such royalties between the German society for copyright and the kindergardens, whose position could be jeopardized by the fact that the German primary schools have already signed an agreement in this respect with GEMA.

01/05/2011 | Copyright