"Concept store" can be subject to copyright, Italian Supreme Court has stated.

A recent decision of the Italian Supreme Court has put an end to the long-lasting dispute between Kiko and Wycon. A dispute started back in 2013, when Kiko sued Wycon before the Court of Milan in order to assess that Wycon's stores slavishly reproduced the "concept store" conceived by Kiko and constituted an infringement of the latter's copyright rights pursuant to the Italian copyright law. After the first two instances of the lawsuit, also the Supreme Court upheld Kiko's claims, stating the general principle according to which "a project or an interior design work [...] which reveals a clear 'style' [...] or the author's personal imprint, can be protected as a work of architecture pursuant to art. 2, n. 5 of Italian Copyright Law".

05/22/2020 | Copyright