EU Copyright reform

On Wednesday 12 September the European Parliament will meet again in Strasbourg to vote on the copyright directive. The changes to articles 11 and 13 of the original text will be examined.  The article 11 also known as "link tax" provides that the publication of the so-called snippet (the scraps of article that copy-paste title and first lines of an article, then referring to the link) is bound to a license, to financially reward the work done by others. Article 13 establishes the so-called upload filter, a filter that prevents users from uploading material protected by intellectual property law onto online platforms. In practice it will be established if digital platforms such as Facebook and Google will have to recognize to authors and publishers the copyright, that is a part of revenues deriving from the transmission of users of information, images, music, content etc. In the event of a favorable outcome, the act would pass to negotiations between Parliament and Council of Ministers, starting with the final go-ahead by March 2019. In the event of an unfavorable vote, the directive will be postponed until the next plenary, with the prospect of starting from scratch, certainly after the elections of the new Parliament

09/10/2018 | Copyright