Green light by the Council to the Copyright Reform

Following the vote by the EU Parliament plenary session on March 26th, last, the EU directive reforming the copyright law was approved yesterday by the Council. As expected, the reform was backed despite Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands and Luxemburg voting against. The directive is now being published in the Official Gazette, after which member States will have 24 months to provide for its transposition. Controversial articles 15 and 17 are thus confirmed once and for all. Art. 15 foresees the possibility for the editors to be remunerated for the use of their contents by the big Internet platforms (Google on all). Art. 17 introduces a responsibility upon the platforms (only the ones with a turnover of more than Euro 10 mln and more than 3 years of activity) for the publishing of copyrighted contents by unauthorized subjects.

04/16/2019 | Copyright