News on IP cases in which one of the parties is a foreign company

11/03/2014 | Courts

The new law decree "Destination Italy", which has been timely converted in law, has foreseen that, for cases related to intellectual property matters...

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21/02/2014 | Courts

The Law of 27 December 2013 No. 147 (the "Stability Law 2014"), which entered into force on January 1, 2014, has allowed the appreciation of business assets...

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The revirementof the United Chambers of the Supreme Court on the actions "Italian Torpedo"

09/12/2013 | Courts

With sentence No. 14508 of 10 June 2013, the United Chambers of the Supreme Court affirmed the existence of the Italian jurisdiction in relation to the application for the declaration...

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The Lazio Regional Administrative Court stated in favor of access to the list of names of manufacturers of generic pharmaceutical products asking for MA

31/10/2012 | Courts

The Lazio Regional Administrative Court, by the judgment no. 6838/12 of last July 19, annulled the decision of April 20, 2012 of the Italian Medicines Agency ("AIFA")...

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Lawyers&Co.: less than two weeks to sign a compulsory insurance policy

30/07/2012 | Courts

By August 13, 2012, it will be mandatory for all professionals in the medical, technical, economic and legal affairs...

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UK government fixes costs and damages in litigation

15/11/2011 | Courts

On 15 November 2011 the UK government approved a further improvement to IP litigation in the UK...

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The Apostille Convention becomes effective in Peru

30/09/2010 | Courts

As of today September 30, 2010 the "Convention Abolishing the Requirement of legalization for Foreing Public Documents"...

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MADE IN ITALY: penalties on companies that illegally use the labelling on textile, leather and footwear.

01/04/2010 | Courts

The new law on Made in Italy (Act No. 2624 - B, approved on 17 March 2010, but not yet published) punishes with fines the misuse of proper labelling "Made in Italy"...

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22/03/2010 | Courts

It has been approved by the Commission for Productive Activities the bill on Made In...

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