MADE IN ITALY: penalties on companies that illegally use the labelling on textile, leather and footwear.

The new law on Made in Italy (Act No. 2624 - B, approved on 17 March 2010, but not yet published) punishes with fines the misuse of proper labelling "Made in Italy". The administrative fine ranges from 10.000 to 50.000 Euros. The fine can be increased or decreased up to two thirds in cases of greater or smaller gravity. Anyway goods that do not comply with the relevant labelling rules can be seized. More stringent fines are provided for if the infringer is a company: in these cases the fine varies between 30.000 and 70.000 Euros and can always be increased or decreased up to two thirds. In case of recurrence of the violation, the law provides for the suspension of activities for a period ranging from one month to one year. The previously provided fines for public officials responsible for the investigations who fail to carry out controls have been instead cancelled.

04/01/2010 | Courts