The new Rapisardi web site in on line

Rapisardi Intellectual Property announces the publication of the new web site of the Group, The completely up-dated site is distinguished for its innovative look and feel, with attractive graphics and the use of the new company colours designed to present the firm’s international activities in a new light, to transmit to the viewer the youthful and innovative spirit which sets Rapisardi apart. The new site has reorganised the information regarding Rapisardi and its manner of working, contains details related to the services offered by the Group and lists the profiles of the Rapisardi staff members. The site is translated in numerous Western and Oriental languages (several of which are already present, others to be added on-line shortly). A special section is dedicated towards the discovery of the type of filing or control necessary to protect the ideation. It is also possible to download or request the newsletter via e-mail or to remain updated on the latest Intellectual Property – related news by consulting the “news” section. The clients of Rapisardi Intellectual Property can continue to consult online all of the data related to their Intellectual Property patrimony, and be constantly updated on the state of registrations and proceedings. After the “Rapisardi IP News” newsletter, this is the second step in the updating of Rapisardi Intellectual Property communications, which will conclude in the coming months with the printing of new brochures.

04/02/2007 | Rapisardi