The AGCOM's new text on the protection of copyright

Agcom (the Communications Authority) has launched a public consultation on a package of initiatives relating to the exercise of powers concerning the protection of copyright on electronic communications networks, skills that had been attributed by the “Romani” decree on March 15, 2010. The above-mentioned initiatives on the one hand promote measures aimed at fostering the provision of legal content available to the public, on the other hand provide for actions for the rapid removal from the network of content posted in violation of copyright. Therefore positive actions to encourage the diffusion of copyright are flanked by measures to protect that right that are inspired by international best practices, such as the U.S. one. In particular, therefore, the copyright owner informs the operator of the website or the provider of the audiovisual media service about the publication of contents on which he owns rights, requesting their removal. If a dispute arises, the Courts will decide. One of the new things provided by Agcom is that, in case of no removal of the signalled material, the Authority may, after a debate between the parties, take a measure that orders the removal of content, with sanctions in case of recurrence of his transmission.

01/14/2011 | Copyright