The "Alfa Milano" car is now called "Alfa Junior"

Alfa Romeo following the words of the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, who accused the company of "not being able to make a car called Milano in Poland, because it is a fallacious indication which goes against the law on Italian Sounding. In short, it is a name prohibited by law" decides today, not without bitterness, to change the name of the car after its launch on the market on 10 April 2024.
In order to "stop the controversy" the CEO of Alfa Romeo says "Despite believing that the name Milano complies with all legal requirements, and in consideration of the fact that there are strictly topical issues more relevant than the name of a new car, Alfa decides to change the name from Milan to Junior, with a view to promoting a climate of serenity and relaxation".
The case is not new in the automotive sector: it follows the precedents of 2003 when Fiat had to change the name of Gingo due to the existence of Renault's Twingo and the more sensational change of name of the Porsche 901, which later became 911, in 1964 because in France Peugeot had the exclusivity on numbers with 3 digits with zero in the centre. Since 911 is the US emergency number, the name immediately became well known on the US market, thus transforming an unpleasant event into a very profitable business outcome.

04/16/2024 |