Strategic lines of action

Italian Ministry of Economic Development has released "strategic lines of action" for the protection and enhancement of IP over the three-year period 2021-2023. The general goal is the accomplishment of the on-going digital transition and the implementation of a user-friendly system for all the stake holders, including in particular SMEs. These latter stand as one relevant target of the strategic plan set by the Ministry, determined to revive the support measures provided for over the past years (Brevetti+, Marchi+, Disegni+ and Voucher "3i"). In other respects, important law reform projects are on the agenda: from the regulation of new types of design (holograms, virtual or augmented reality) to the introduction of new geographical indications for non-agricultural products; from amendments to par. 65 of Italian Code of industrial property (ownership of the inventions attributed to the research entities in lieu of researchers) to the introduction of more effective measures to fight counterfeiting in both civil and criminal process.

06/25/2021 |