Some headlines of the statistics from US Customs and Border Protection

The domestic value of goods seized for intellectual property rights violations in 2008 increased by 38.6% to $272.7million from $196.7 million in 2007 The number of intellectual property rights seizures increased by 9.7%, from 13,657 to 14,992. China was the top trading partner for intellectual property rights seizures with a domestic value of $221 million, accounting for 81% of the total value. intellectual property rights seizures of goods from China rose 40% by value in 2008. Footwear was the top commodity seized with a domestic value of $102.3 million, which accounted for 38% of the entire value of infringing goods seized. IPR seizures of products posing potential safety and security risks increased by over 124% in domestic value, from $27.8 million to $62.5 million

04/08/2009 | Legal