Saudi Arabia: Joining The Hague Agreement for International Design Registration

Saudi Arabia recently joined the Hague Agreement, the international treaty that regulates the registration of industrial designs. This operation is part of Saudi Arabia's strategy to improve its intellectual property framework, in line with Vision 2030 goals to diversify the economy and increase global competitiveness.
The Hague Agreement allows designers to protect their industrial designs in multiple countries through a single application, simplifying the registration process.
With Saudi Arabia joining, Saudi designers can now internationally protect their creations more efficiently, thus expanding their global presence.
Saudi Arabia also amended its design laws to extend protection to 15 years.
Furthermore, in November 2024, Saudi Arabia will host the diplomatic conference to finalize the design law treaty. This treaty aims to harmonize the global system for registering designs, making it more streamlined and accessible for designers around the world

05/24/2024 |