EPO (European Patent Office) presented the 2017 report

      EPO (European Patent Office) recently presented the 2017 patent application report in Europe, Italy is in first place for the increase of requests equal to 4.3% more than the previous year .

      In Global terms we find ourselves at the 10th place in the ranking with 2.6% of all patent applications, and this thanks to three italian regions in particular, first in the ranking the Lombardy 32% (of all Italian requests) followed from Emilia Romagna 16% and finally Veneto 13%.

      The most active innovative sectors in Italy are industrial handling (transport systems and containers), transport and medical technology even if the most marked growth among all Italian technological sectors are coming from the so-called metering systems (+ 31%), followed from textile and paper machines (+ 23%) and pharmaceuticals (+ 18%).

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