Historical trademark of national interest

On the 30th of April 2019 was published the Decree-law no. 34/2019 which introduces the protection of the "Historical trademark of national interest’’.
In particular, the new art. 11 ter of cpi establishes that the owners or exclusive licensees of trademarks registered for at least 50 years or for which it is possible to demonstrate continuous use for at least 50 years, used for the marketing of products or services made in a national company of excellence historically connected to the national territory, can obtain the registration of the trademark in the special register of historical national trademarks that will be instituted among UIBM pursuant to the new article 185-bis.
The "Historic Mark of National Interest" logo will be set up and companies signed up in the register will be able to use it for commercial purposes; a fund will also be set up at the Ministry of Economic Development to protect these trademarks.
If the trademark's owner signed up in the special register intends to cease its activity, the latter shall notify the decision to the Ministry of Economic Development, otherwise an administrative penalty from Euros 5.000 to Euros 50.000 may be issued.
The Decree-law will be converted into law by the end of June.

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