Amazon's ultrasonic wristbands

On 28.03.2016 Amazon filed in USA two patent applications, recently published (US 15 / 083.083 and US 15 / 083.107) relating to ultrasonic wristbands able to monitor the hands of a worker in order to monitor the performance of the assigned activities. In particular, these bracelets should "help" the worker to correctly track the products inside the baskets.
In fact, the baskets present ultrasonic translators that respond to the impulses that are generated by the bracelets.
In this way, Amazon seems to want to make shipping operations more efficient and faster.
There are clearly conflicting opinions on these bracelets because if they are intended to help the employee in collecting the products on the other hand, they may have the purpose of monitoring employee performance.
Currently the bracelets are not yet used but only patented.

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