David Beckham VS Inter

David Beckham has announced that in 2020 his soccer club would participate in the Major League Soccer under the name "Club International de Futbol Miami", shortened in "Inter Miami".
Italian Club "Inter" didn't like the name chosen by Beckham and filed a US Trademark application for the “Inter” trademark in order to obtain an exclusive right to use the same word.
Major League Soccer, sided with Beckham, has filed opposition against the trademark application in the name of the Italian Club, arguing that the word ‘Inter’ is simply an abbreviation of “international” and merely descriptive of the designated goods and services.
Moreover, considering the widespread use of the term “Inter” in soccer, the relevant public do not associate the term with one soccer team and no one can claim exclusive rights to this term.
The US Patent and Trademark Office is expected to settle the dispute and pronounce sentence soon.

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