Deisel, the real - fake brand signed Renzo Rosso

The idea of ​​producing and putting on the market products apparently counterfeit was born a year ago from the young team of creatives in Diesel.

The project was approved and supported by Mr. Russo who ironically said that he likes to play and make fun of himself. In the world of fashion right now there is the need of a smile because everything is turning around business, the idea of ​​having fun joking on ourselves excited him..

In the past few days a store has been opened in the heart of the Chinatown's fake district in New York and for a week people have been convinced to buy fake products of excellent quality at an affordable price, than later they discovered that they were not products, but real Diesel products only made to look as fake; everything has been filmed as in a candid camera and this video will serve to tell the success of this advertising campaign never experienced before by others.

The products deliberately faked, today can be found in regular Diesel stores around the world at their regular full price.

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