Sunday 1 May Last saw the entrance into force of the substantial Provisions of the Union Custom Code.

The Union Customs Code (UCC) is part of the modernisation of customs and serves as the new framework regulation on the rules and procedures for customs throughout the EU

Firstly introduced on 2013, the Union Custom Code is aimed to unify all the 28 Customs Administrations of the European Union in order to create one single entity that operates among the whole Union. Technologies will play a key role in this harmonization and will allow the cooperation of all the Customs administrations rapidly and extremely efficiently.

The role played by the European Customs is highly relevant, bearing in mind that in 2014, 35 million counterfeit goods were seized, mostly from China (80%) and almost all of them were destroyed (90%).

The UCC should be fully implemented by the end of 2020. By that time one single entity will manage all the customs forces of the European Union.

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