The tutor on the motorway network must be removed and destroyed by ”Autostrade per l’Italia”: this is how the Rome Court of Appeal decided, ruling n. 2275 of 10 April 2018 reforming the ruling of the Court of First Istance
“Autostrade per l’Italia” has faked the patent.
In the opinion of the judges, the inventor of the system which detects the average speed of vehicles (installed by Autostrade per l’Italia on the network managed by them) is Craft, a small Company based in Greve in Chianti, Tuscany.
“Autostrada per l’Italia” , among the others, must pay a fine, equal to five hundred euros per day, for each day of delay. “Autostrada per l’Italia” has immediately replied that the ruling will be challenge at the Court of Cassation and the tutors will not be removed but will be replaced, in three weeks, by a different system.
“Autostrade per l’Italia” has decided to pay five hundred euros per day until the substitution of the new system, it to avoid that the benefits of the tutors are cancelled: the tutors have significantly reduced the deaths on the motorway network. The tutors will remain active even tough the ruling.

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