Rubik's Cube

EU court -  the registration of the Rubik's Cube shape as a Community trademark cannot be denied

According to the judgment of 25 November 2014 ( Case T - 450 / 09 ) of the Court of the European Union , " the registration of the shape of the Rubik's Cube as a Community trademark is valid . The graphical representation of the cube does not involve a technical solution that prevents to be protected as a trademark "

This the decision of the EU Court , which rejected the appeal of the German company Simba Toys , a manufacturer of toys , according to which the cube could be protected only through patent for the internal rotating mechanism.
The Court found that the typical grid structure of the Rubik's cube on the faces differs " significantly from the representations of other puzzles in three dimensions available on the market " , being so " has a distinctive character that enables consumers to identify the producer of the good"

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