Intellectual Property in the kitchen

Cooking can be the protected by intellectual property right like any other human activity and the Big chefs are not indifferent. In fact, there are several examples of patents and trademarks: in 2002 the Chef Gualtiero Marchesi registered his "Riso oro e zafferano"as "distinctive mark of design " therefore, those who order the rice at the Gualtiero Marchesi restaurant in Piazza della Scala (Milan) receive a certificate of authenticity numbered by the Fondazione Marchesi. In addition to the trademarks there are patents: they are mostly techniques and procedures, rather than recipes. For example, the microwave sponge cake. Yannick Alléno, starred chef Paris, has registered the process of 'Extraction® through cryoconcentration, whose procedure makes sure that the water is reduced while the taste of food remains the original one. Among the Italians was Massimiliano Alajmo tregistered the patent of the steamed pizza. This is a processing procedure, because unlike the filing of a trademark, it requires very precise steps and it is quite complex.

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